Xiao-Wei Jiang
Recent progress in hydraulics and hydrochemistry of groundwater flow systems
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In the topic of Energy flow systems, groundwater flow systems, related fluids and their simulations
Niels Hartog
Global water crisis: Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) to the Rescue?
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In the topic of Managed aquifer recharge, adaptation to climate change and ecohydrology
Inga Berre
Numerical modelling of fracture deformation and propagation in development and production of geothermal systems
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In the topic of Geoenergy, thermal water and hydrocarbon systems
Daniele Pedretti
Geological entropy to measure the spatial disorder of heterogeneous media: from upscaling solute transport modeling in complex aquifers to new fields of applications
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In the topic of Natural and anthropogenic contamination, vulnerability and hazards of geofluids
Vincent Post
Three-Dimensional Reactive Transport Modelling in Regional Flow Systems: Groundwater-Rock Interaction in the Agricultural Emsland Region, Germany
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In the topic of Fluid–rock interactions and hydrogeochemical reactions